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Composite Fillings in Whitestone, NY

Composite Fillings Whitestone, NYComposite fillings are natural looking tooth restoration alternatives to traditional metal fillings. While metal fillings are still being placed, many patients have become unsatisfied with them due to their appearance and recent concerns about mercury content. Composite (or resin) fillings, however, contain no metals and are made of a pliable material that may be shaped and shaded to match your teeth. If you need a filling or if you would like to replace your metal fillings with composite, Dr. Vito Clarizio, the Whitestone, NY dentist, can expertly restore the look and health of your teeth using composite fillings.

Benefits of Composite Fillings in Whitestone, NY

  • Resin fillings can be color matched to your teeth and are an ideal application for the front, highly visible teeth.
  • The method used to place composite fillings serves to strengthen your tooth structure by bonding directly to your tooth while metal fillings sit on top of the structure.
  • Resin fillings are mercury-free.
  • Metal fillings can create a grey cast to the tooth, making your teeth look dull and discolored. This is not the case with resin, which blends with your teeth, undetected.

A Visit for Composite Fillings in Whitestone, NY

When you visit our office for composite fillings, Dr. Clarizio will first anesthetize the area surrounding the teeth to ensure your comfort and then begin placing the resin mixture that has been shaded to match your own natural teeth. The composite is placed in layers with each layer bonded directly to each tooth. As each layer is placed, Dr. Clarizio uses a special dental lamp to harden, or cure, the material. In this manner, each subsequent layer is bonded directly onto the teeth, strengthening the entire structure and rendering a natural looking restoration. When this process is complete, your new composite fillings are polished to prevent wear.

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