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Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Whitestone, NYThe Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure that successfully treats periodontal disease and its symptoms, such as swollen, bleeding gums. In Whitestone, NY, Dr. Vito Clarizio recommends LANAP® for the majority of his patients due to its many health advantages.

Is LANAP® safe?

Yes, LANAP® is both safe and effective. This laser gum treatment has successfully treated periodontal disease around the world. In fact, LANAP® yields several benefits unrealized with traditional surgery, including less pain and downtime, immediate relief from inflammation and bleeding gums, and little to no resulting gum recession.

LANAP® should only be performed by a doctor that has been trained and certified in this protocol. If you are considering this procedure, be sure that you select a qualified dentist. Dr. Clarizio has been trained and certified to perform LANAP® laser gum surgery in Whitestone, NY.

How much time should I take off from work?

Dr. Clarizio generally schedules this treatment for bleeding gums in two convenient sessions of two hours each. The majority of patients are able to return to work the following day and do not require prescription pain medications.

Why are healing times reduced with LANAP®?

Patients who undergo laser gum surgery in Whitestone, NY, have an immediate reduction of inflammation and bleeding gums. This is due, in part, to the fact that the laser eliminates the bacteria that cause these symptoms as well as any diseased tissue. Also, the laser removes the need for the use of scalpel incisions, leaving your healthy tissue intact.

Am I a good candidate for LANAP®?

Almost anyone with moderate to severe periodontal disease is a good candidate for LANAP®. This treatment does not interfere with any medications, nor does it negatively impact medical conditions. If you have swollen, bleeding gums, you may be a good candidate. The best way to determine the right treatment for your unique needs is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Clarizio.

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