Tooth and Bone Loss in Whitestone, NY

Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Whitestone, NYThe majority of adults over 45 will experience tooth loss due to injury, tooth decay, or gum disease. It is important to seek treatment by our Whitestone, NY laser dentist, Dr. Vito Clarizio, as soon as you experience tooth loss. If neglected, tooth loss can hamper your appearance, nutrition, and communication with others.

Speech, Communication and Gum Disease

When you lose teeth to gum disease, it will change the way that you speak. The formation of sound is based upon the contact between the teeth and your tongue. If your tooth loss is in a key area, you may develop a lisp, making it more difficult to express yourself to others.

Nutrition and Diet

Tooth loss makes it difficult to properly chew your food. In some cases, depending upon the severity of the tooth loss, you may be placed on a restricted diet. Soft foods may not contain all of the necessary nutrients that your body needs, which could lead to constipation, indigestion, or weight loss.

Bone Degradation and Gum Disease in Whitestone, NY

When you lose a tooth, bone deterioration begins at the site. This is very common with gum disease and is due to the fact that your natural teeth stimulate the jawbone when you chew, preventing the natural attrition that results from the absence of a tooth root. Therefore, when you lose a tooth, bone loss begins in the jaw. If this process is not stopped with treatment by our Whitesone, NY laser dentist, it will degrade the integrity of the facial structure, causing a change in your overall appearance.


If you have lost a tooth to gum disease, the teeth around the space can shift and spread out, as there is no longer any opposition to hold them in place. This is also true of upper or lower teeth. They must encounter opposing force to stay in position, otherwise they become loose. This loosening and shifting of the teeth can cause misalignment resulting in headaches and jaw pain.

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