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"The first thing I want to say about Dr. Clarizio is that when you are in his care you can have complete confidence that you are in very secure and competent hands. You come to realize the work that he will do is of very high quality and always with your well-being in mind. This is because Dr. Clarizio is obviously very knowledgeable in his field and he really cares about his patients and their individual situations. He does not have pre-fixed ideas of what should be done and therefore only does what is necessary based on his professional observations. I have also personally experienced nervousness previously going to other dentists but on my visits to Dr. Clarizio he always understands me and manages to make me feel more relaxed and that everything is going to be okay. He is a throwback to the days when doctors had that “bedside manner” that we wish all of our professionals that we deal with today, still had."

"I wanted to share a few experiences I have had with Dr. Clarizio to let my friends and relatives know what happened to me. After years of neglect I had gums bleeding, decay and bad breath. I visited a dentist and two periodontists. I was told all my gums needed to be cut open, cleaned out and stitched up. Would take about four weeks and i would be on painkillers and antibiotics. Dr Clarizio did the entire job in about two hours. No stitches, no pain, no cutting, no antibiotics I was completely new and fresh the same day. Eating steak the next day. Couple years later I experienced incredibly painful headaches. I visited three doctors including a neurologist, had an MRI and Cat/Scan. I was told i had a nerve in my brain that was touching another nerve and I was referred to a brain surgeon. As a final hope I visited Dr. Clarizio. After months of agony, I was diagnosed, treated and pain free within an hour, Since that visit i have been totally pain free. I was also fortunate to have Dr. Clarizio do cosmetic surgery for me, The results were sensational. My family and friends were just raving about the results. They look so natural, the aesthetics are unreal and Dr. Clarizio really nailed the color. Many people couldnt put their finger on it but told me I looked younger. They are also great for weddings and family photos. I guess it helps having a perfectionist do the work for you. Dr. Clarizio's office is state of the art and impeccably clean. His people are top notch, impressively competent, jump through hoops for you and create a fun enjoyable experience. I have never waited more than 10-15 minutes to be seen, and several times Dr. Clarizio has rearranged his schedule to see me when i needed emergency help. This guy is a real pro."

"I've been been at Dr. Clarizio's pactice for more than 20 years; besides the fact that the whole office staff provide impeccable service, the staff is cordial, friendly and is always ready to greet you with a smile. Dr. Clarizio has worked on my teeth and perfected my smile, I am thrilled at my results. Every where I go people stop and ask me where I got my teeth done because they are so beautifully white and straight. I want to add they he also mastered a procedure that straightened my bottom teeth in less than 4 months! May not be for every one, but sure worked for me!!!!"

"I consider myself the worlds worst patient with a zero tolerance for pain. When I went to see Vito for an impacted molar that needed to be removed it was very complicated and I was sure it was going to be the worst experience of my life. The tooth was causing me pain but I was sure the extraction would be ten times worse. Vito assured me he could handle this with minimal pain . I agreed to let him do his thing as I gripped the side of the chair expecting the worse. About 15 minutes into the procedure Vito said he would be done in less than a minute, up to that point I didn't feel a thing but braced my self for the next 60 seconds in hell. One minute later Vito said everything was done. I was in shock, no pain, no gnashing of teeth, no tearing open of my shirt in agony. I didn't want to leave the dentist chair I wanted to sit there and cherish the moment as strange as that might seem. HE WAS AMAZING. If you ever need a dentist and want a pain free experience, then I highly recommend Vito Clarizio. He is truly a skilled craftsman and at the top of his game in Dentistry."

"I have been going to see Dr. Clarizio and his staff for dental work since I was a little kid and it has always been an extremely pleasant and professional experience. Last spring when I was a college-bound senior in high school, I felt self conscious about my crooked teeth but was extremely hesitant about getting braces. I wanted nothing less than a mouth full of metal for my prom, graduation, summer, and first weeks of college. However, Dr. Clarizio assured me that I could get a smile I was proud of in no time at all! He outfitted me with off-white braces instead of the traditional metal ones which made them significantly less visible. Some of my friends I saw every day never even knew I had them! The best part- my smile was straight in just 4 months! The entire process was fast and painless and once I got them off, I got small permanent retainers put in behind my teeth to ensure that they will stay perfect! Overall, a very great experience!"

"I have been going to see Dr. Vito Clarizio for the past three years. Three years ago, I was researching a dentist that would be able to help me with either invisalign or the six month smile and came upon Dr. Clarizio's name. I made an appointment and was immediately impressed with the professionalism of not only Dr. Clarizio but of his entire staff. He is such a professional who goes above and beyond for the needs of his patients including sometimes seeing me outside of normal hours to accommodate my schedule. My teeth have never looked or felt better and in addition I also get my cleansing there too and they are great. I would recommend Dr. Clarizio to anyone looking for a true professional. "

"Dr Clarizio was recommended to me by a colleague to whom I had related my negative dental experiences. I had broken crowns, serious decay and trouble eating. In fact, I could not eat on the right side at all. In addition, I had worries about choking and swallowing. Dr Clarizio set me at ease during the consultation. He showed me clear computerized pictures of my teeth. Then he discussed the options available.The one chosen was painless, gradual, and 50% less costly than my former dentist's appraisal. But most importantly, the concerned care helped me to overcome my fears of chocking. The professionalism of the dental team at Dr Clarizio's office is apparent as soon as one arrives. The office is modern, advanced, and informative in a positive way both for children and adults.I highly recommend this team !"

"Dr. Vito Clarizio is no question the best dentist in NY! Here is why: My husband walked around with intense tooth pain for 3 years. He had a series of root canals, second and third opinions and no one could stop his pain. He started to think that he had to just live with the pain. Finally, Steve went to see Dr. Clarizio and after two questions, "Does it hurt here or here" he touched the opposite side of where the pain was and he asked again and touched the other side "Does it hurt here or here". After hearing my husband's response Dr Clarizio said, "I know what the problem is!" He handled the problem with one root canal in one visit, which we never heard of. My husband has been pain free ever since. Dr. Clarizio is a very no nonsense, problem solving, painless dentist! Additionally my kids love to go to the Dentist if you can believe it. They have video games, TV, fun kids room, gifts and the works! It is an easy, fun, and enjoyable experience for the whole family!"

"This is a wonderful dental office. My whole family is treated there. The quality of dentistry is very good. The care factor is high. You get straight talk and get your questions answered. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend this office highly. They even put quarters in the meter for you when needed. Tell Sylvia Gary sent you."

"Such a nice and professional staff....make u feel very a tooth pulled while watching an episode of Abbott and Costello when Costello was getting his tooth pulled.....Dr Vito is pain at all...HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS!!!!"

"Dr. Vito is the best of the best when it comes to Dentistry. The staff always greet me and my family with smiles and care. Dr. Vito is a dentist who makes you feel as comfortable as you possibly can and really cares about you and helping you achieve a great smile. I've had lots of cavities from when I was a child, eating lots of candy then tasted good but not so good for my teeth, for the first time since going to Dr. Vito i can't even tell I have fillings in my mouth, they look and feel the best they've felt in a long time. The quality and professionalism of his services are superb. I also appreciate the time and care he takes to educate me on oral health. He is a specialist in safely removing mercury fillings, which are toxic to the body so they must be removed in a safe way. Even if you don't live that close to his office like myself it is worth the trip, great Dentists as well as Doctors can be very hard to find and I hope this review helps someone trying to find a great dentist, look no further go ahead and make your appointment with Dr. Vito."

"The periodontist I consulted with advised me that I needed LaNap Laser surgery for gum disease, the fee being $11,000. Dr. Clarizio willingly squeezed me into his busy schedule and provided me with a second opinion. I did not need the procedure, and he would be able to treat me without taking such severe measures. Dr. Clarizio is a kind, gentle and empathetic man who truly cares for his patients. He explained everything to me prior to giving me a thorough examination and showed me the x-rays to make sure I understood what he was saying. He was eager to answer any and all questions I may have had. He is patient, compassionate and a true professional and gentleman. The entire staff was very professional, accommodating, sweet and friendly. Even though I met everyone just this one time, I felt as if I knew each one all my life. One does not find an office so well run, clean and up-to-date. I would highly recommend Dr. Clarizio for all your dental needs."
"Dr. Clarizio is outstanding. Let's you know what is going on every step of the way. The doctor and his staff deliver the highest quality of service from the moment you walk in through the entire duration of your visit. There is nothing more I could ask for from a dentist. Truly top-notch."

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